Left Florida and went back to Georgia

Published on 25 March 2024 at 07:00

So sorry I have been behind in my blog entries. So two days ago we left beautiful North captiva florida. i will miss all the birds and warm weather and digging in the sand. we got back on the boat, which was a little less scary than last time because I had a lot of dog friends going with me. so after the ferry we drove for many hours. I took a little nap. we made it back to georgia, where I am from. we stayed in a hotel that seemed nice but my bed was way too small. really, i am not a chihuahua! the next morning mom and dad decided it would be fun to do a carriage ride around town. the horse was not very friendly and farted a lot. I was ready to get off after 5 minutes but mom and dad seemed to have fun. after the carriage ride dad got some chocolate chip cookies in a big box but wouldn't share.

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2 months ago

Why was your bed so small?
A dog like you deserves the best bed.